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Teeth Whitening Services MN

Anxiety-Free Dentist Visits

The color of your teeth is a big factor in how your smile looks. Minnetonka Dental offers multiple, effective teeth whitening services. If you’re noticing your smile doesn’t have quite the sparkle it used to, we can help! If brushing twice a day, flossing and keeping up with your recommended cleaning just doesn’t give you that pearly white look you desire our office can help you brighten your smile, in as little as one session.

Your Best Whitening Solution

Our whitening services can successfully remove many unsightly issues, such as yellow, brown or orange shades. Whether they developed from drinking coffee or tea daily, from smoking or just from aging, you will see dramatic results. Our dentist can help you choose the solution that will provide you with the best whiting results, specifically designed for your teeth. Past dental work is a factor that needs to be considered when choosing a whitening process. If there are tooth-colored fillings or crowns in visible areas a whitener will not change the shade and the areas will stand out. But there’s no need to get discouraged because our Minnetonka, MN dental office can provide you with other solutions, such as porcelain veneers.

Professional Whitening Options at Minnetonka Dental

Chair-Side Bleaching

If you’re looking for immediate teeth whitening results, in one session – professional bleaching is your best choice. With about 90 minutes of your time Minnetonka Dental can provide you with a dramatically whiter smile, pain-free, no sedation needed and this process is completely safe. The only minor side effects that may happen are sensitivity or some soft tissue irritation, if this concerns you discuss it with your doctor. Our chair-side bleaching process is pretty strait forward. You come to our office, relax in a chair and our staff applies a protective gel over your gums, which will prevent direct contact of the bleach with your oral soft tissue. Then, a bleaching agent is applied to the teeth, in steps, until your desired results are achieved. Our services also offer custom fit to your mouth trays, to enhance the effects.

At-Home Whitening System

If you don’t have 90 minutes but would still like professional whitening results, you can opt to take our custom created, fit to your mouth trays home and whiten while you sleep. We recommend that you apply our professional- grade whitening gel every night, for a week to two. The results of your nightly routine will show in just a couple of days and once your treatment has ended you’ll be overly satisfied with the outcome.

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